You may have been asking yourself: What does DCP stand for anyway?
Coyote Howling
DCP stands for Dancing Coyote's Projects. In 2003 I was really trying to find my place in life. During this process I had a lot of help from some very insightful and amazing men. In one particular session they facilitated my journey through a specific visualization exercise. During that exercise I was visited by a series of animals and was asked to choose one with which I could identify. I'd always loved wolves so that came to my mind at first, but for some reason it just wasn't quite right. After a few seconds passed I saw something hiding behind the wolf. It was a coyote and I knew I had found my guide.

A coyote is highly intelligent and highly adaptable to his surroundings, Dancing Mana trait I felt we had in common. A coyote is often the symbol of the trickster, a survivor, or simply a mysterious personae who makes mistakes but also learns from them. He appears in literature in many different forms; a shapeshifter, a scavenger, a thief, but also as a teacher and guide. Coyote also protects the home and the people in it from foolishness.

The dancing portion symbolizes who I want to be. I'd always been a serious type of person trying to make sure I had it all under control. That sometimes makes for unlively company. I wanted to enjoy life more and be a lighter being. I wanted to dance around and laugh and play and sing again like I did as a child. It seemed appropriate that the coyote in my vision was dancing. Dancing can be about many things and can be exhibited by numerous attributes: strength, grace, chaos, control, speed, rythym, seriousness, or just plain fun. Dancing can also tell a story or simply be a way of excercising; it can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.

To put it all together Coyote symbolizes who I am and the Dancing represents who I want to be. My company is a reflection of myself and reflects who I am. I am Dancing Coyote's Projects.