DCP llc is owned and operated by one man by the name of Steven W. Hughes. He is a Professional Engineer licensed in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. He graduated with a BS in Architectural Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been involved in construction in one form or another since that time.Mountain Cabin

He started out as a construction intern with Habitat for Humanity helping to renovate rowhomes in West Philly. After college he worked as a carpenter with several different construction firms in Pennsylvania. He moved to Colorado in 1997 and got a job as an engineering techcnician. That's just fancy title for someone who tests construction materials both in the field and in the laboratory. Concrete and soil mainly. Two things one should understand in order to become a foundation engineer, which, interestingly enough was his next job.

This is when he really dove into the residential engineering and drafting business and has been improving upon his knowledge and skills ever since. He specializes in large custom homes, but has certainly had significant exposure with detached garages, additions, remodels, and production homes.

Now that you know a little bit about my history and qualifications, I'd like to tell you a little about myself. Since I am a one-man show I take all the calls, emails and do all the estimating, scheduling, drafting, and engineering. If you contact DCP you'll know exactly with whom you're dealing. This company is my creation and my job so I have every motivation to do it all to the best of my ability.


I am an engineer who seeks practical solutions to everyday construction problems. Some engineers might only consider the textbook approach and may therefore be limited in their ability to create a solution. I strive to solve the same problem in a realistic manner which means taking that same textbook approach and tempering it with the actual construction methods. Oftentimes this ends up saving the contractor a headache and some money. I also look for input from the contractors themselves. Quite often they have a creative solution in mind that is worth taking a look at!

Finally, I am a person who is constantly trying to improve upon my skill base. Whether its researching a new construction product, a new engineering approach, or how to wire a bathroom fan, I'm always looking to learn. On top of that I am always striving to make your experience better, whether its an engineering project or cleaning your gutters.